FP3 Fire Resistant Safes


FP3 Fire Resistant Home Safe Front View
FP3 Fire Resistant Home Safe Front View


  • 25mm Solid steel bolt work
  • 8mm Solid steel door
  • High quality Securam UL certified digital lock
  • 4mm Solid steel body with fire protection lining
  • Secondary re-locking device in case of tampering
  • 2 Adjustable shelf (removable)
  • 1/2 Hour fire resistant
  • High quality cream powder coat finish
  • Recommended insurable cash rating in an unsupported situation – $8000

EXT 550H x 450W x 350D
INT 514H x 414D x 255D

Weight: 61KG




Guardall is Australia’s own superior gun safe manufacturer. We design and style our own solutions and we get them produced according to the most stringent level of quality regulations. Guardall offers you a safe for every role; homes, businesses and organizations right through to finance institutions; all to keep your posessions safe from thieves and flames.Look through our site in order to find the safe that you believe fits your current needs, and call our team right away for the Guardall remedy.
Tel 1300 1 SAFES (1300172337) in order to get patched through to your nearest Guardall Preferred Rep.

Getting a safe for the home or office can be a good way to protect ones own valuables. There are numerous solutions offered and the most suitable option is dependent upon just what you actually need to secure, the risk and the level of security you may need.

Whenever theft is a worry, select a product that could be anchored securely to your residence or business premises for the very best security measure. In case fire protection will be your main concern consider the fire resistance rating. Regarding media including data cassettes and discs, decide on a media safe utilizing dry fill construction which doesn’t release water vapor.

Installing a good safe at home or perhaps business might have advantages in reducing insurance fees. Check with your insurance broker to find out if the brand new safe or vault should qualify you to get rate reductions. Whichever device you choose, consider the options very carefully to make the best selection to defend your valuables. Or possibly quicker, give us a call and we’ll help to guide your decision making process. The particular moment you need that protection you will know that the time was wisely spent.

Guardall is almost certainly Australia’s very own premium security safe manufacturer. Our staff members design and style each of our products and have them manufactured within the strictest of quality controls. Guardall has a safe for each purpose; residences, businesses through to banks; all to safe-keep your belongings from theft and fire. Look through our web-site so that you can choose the particular safe which you believe meets your own needs, and contact us now for the Guardall choice.
Phone 1300 1 SAFES (1300172337) for you to get patched through to your nearest Guardall Preferred Rep.

Choosing a safe for your home or office can be an effective way to safeguard your possessions. There are many products available but the most suitable choice depends on exactly what a person will need to safeguard, the threat as well as degree of safety you may need.

When robbery may be a worry, choose a product that may be anchored securely to your home or business premises for the best protection. If fire protection will be the top priority look at the flame resistance rating. With regard to media like data cassettes as well as cds, select a media safe having dry fill construction which does not generate h2o vapor.

Setting up a safe in your house or even business premises might have benefits in bringing down insurance costs. Consult your own insurance professional to find out if your brand-new safe or vault should qualify you to get rate reductions. Regardless of what product you ultimately choose, weigh your alternatives carefully and make the best choice to guard your possessions. Or possibly less difficult, contact us and we’ll help steer your decision making process. The particular time you will need that protection you’ll know it was time wisely spent.

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