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When shopping for a safe, one of the frequent questions asked is, “is the safe fire proof”?

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a “fire proof safe”, only Fire Resistant Safes. Safes are normally categorised in hourly ratings such as 1/2hour, 1 hour and 2 hour.

What does this mean? This means that the safe has been placed in a furnace, with paper inside, and left in there for a specified amount of time. After this specified amount of time the safe is removed and opened. If the internal content (paper) is unmarked, the safe is then certified as fire resistant for that specified amount of time.

½ Hour, 1Hour and 2 Hour Fire Resistant Safes have been tested in a furnace for this amount of time with the content inside the safe unmarked.


Which one should I buy?


Guardall safes are not only categorised into fire rating, but a burglar resistance rating too. Unfortunately you cannot have the best of both worlds because the materials used in the more fire resistant safes, are not the same materials used in high burglar resistant safes.

For example a safe that has a high fire resistance, will not provide a high burglar resistance, and vice versa.

The high fire rated safes of 2 hours are Filing cabinets, Data and Document safes, that are built with the standard safe type security in mind but do not offer the high security of your traditional type safe.

If you are looking to buy a Fire Resistant Safe for home use, our ½ hour FP series and 1 hour BF series of safes are excellent choices. These are excellent choices because they offer a good combination of fire resistance, capable of withstanding most household fires and a good degree of burglar resistance. If you want something larger to secure you valuables, the KS and KCR series are the best choice.

If you are looking to buy a traditional fire resistant safe for your business, depending on what type of cash management systems are in use, Guardall has an extensive option of 1 hour Fire Resistant Safes to choose from. The suggested range would be BF, KS, KCR and Deposit Series Safes. Please note that some deposit series safes are not fire resistant.

Please browse through the Guardall products to find the safe that will best suit your needs.

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