Hotel Safes

Hotel Safes

This safe is ideal for moderate security in situations which requires a Master code and key override facility and easy to use by clients. It has a large volume, easy to read LED display, concealed hinges for added security and a slimmer profile to aid in installation, pre drilled mounting holes in the rear and base of the safe, high quality paint finish and interior lining. Available in minimum order quantities of 10.

  • Digital lock and display
  • User code |4-6 digits
  • Paralysis function
  • Inside auto LED light
  • Changeable master code, Emergency key
  • Low battery indication
  • Motor driven bolt work
  • Optional print out audit trail last 100 past records

EXT 250H x 350W x 250D
INT 246H x 346W x 194D
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  • 4mm door 2mm body
  • Digital keypad with Master code and key override
  • Motorized electronic lock
  • Large LED display
  • 20mm bolt work
  • Bolt holes in back and base for anchoring
  • Available in quantities of 10

200H X 420W X 360D

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