Business Safes

Business Safes

Guardall business safes offers uncompromising protection against forced entry. Our broad range lets you choose the right safe for your business or organisation. They are commonly used for commercial use where people need to protect valuable assets such as important documents, cash or business records. With fire resistance, our business safes ensures a high level of security to with aligns with the protection of our business.

Guardall Business Safes can be used to store a range of different documents, collectables and valuables. Purchasing an Australian Guardall home safe from our network of premium dealers and distributors, which are based in all major cities including Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, will enable you to have the leading security your business deserves helping to give peace of mind.

Get in touch with your closest dealer today to help you choose the right Guardall business safe for your needs. All the Guardall Dealers and Distributors are police cleared and will be able to deliver and install the Guardall safe of your choice.

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